Friday, 3 June 2011

Daily Bible Readings & Devotional

The Bible Readings are taken from McCheyne's reading plan and you can listen to them by clicking here. The comments are from D.A. Carson's excellent books For the Love of God Vol 1 & 2. The second audio is to the chronological gospels.



Pray through the nations of the world in a year with a daily prayer guide. For the gospel to be preached, people to be born again and Jesus known and adored.   



The aim of this page is to get up to date on the day's events in around 30 minutes. By listening to the bible readings, reading the devotional comments and then listening to the current affairs updates for the day.

Watch a one minute video world news summary as well as listen to a 5 minute audio world news summary on the BBC Page.

The Editor's Highlights from The Economist for free. Listen to the articles or subscribe to the podcast here. Individual articles are about 5-10 minutes long and the Full highlights are about an hour long and are full econmists articles read. You'll need quicktime (download here) to listen to the articles on the webpage.

The Briefing - Albert Mohler daily podcast. An analysis of current affairs from a christian worldview.
For a more indepth look at specific topics there is Al Mohler's Thinking in Public where he interviews prominent thinkers on various topics.


For Christian current affairs try this page which has the feeds for the best christian blogs that I've found

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

News Photography